If you’re in need of a quality image converting program that won’t let you down, then you’ll struggle to find anything better than ImageConverter Plus. In fact, this application is widely used by many people in the industry, and this fact is showing no sign of changing any time soon. But why is this considered the best program? Well, let’s take a look.

To start with, it allows you to convert images into a wide range of formats, which include all of your favorites such as JPEG, BMP, PSD, and up to 800 more. What’s more, it gives you fantastic flexibility when it comes to resizing your photos – making it incredibly simple to resize them to the dimensions you prefer, and you can also do this as a batch process! Yes, that’s right – you can literally batch resize a huge quantity of images at the same time, so it goes without saying that this will save you a lot of time if you’re doing heavy image processing work.

Additionally, this program is very friendly to beginners, and thanks to its direct right clicking function, you can simply right click on the image to access all of the different options it can do for you. For example, you can choose which file format you would like to convert it to, change the overall size, or even choose to share the image via your email account or even add it to your Picasa web album to make it even easier to share with people.

Because of these fantastically convenient features, it’s easy to see why this program has been receiving rave reviews from top review websites such as CNET – as well as many other smaller independent review websites, which all have plenty of positive things to say about this unique program.