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First of all, the application is capable of converting up to 800 different image formats, which means it has the ability to convert virtually every common format you are likely to come across. Additionally, it’s worth noting that the product is compatible with both 64-bit and 32-bit systems, giving you the flexibility to use it on multiple computing platforms and operating systems. Of course, you can expect it to work on Windows 7, but is also capable of operating on the older version such as Windows 98.

Most importantly, it provides you the ability to batch edit multiple images, which certainly cuts down the processing time when you have a lot of graphical images to work with. Because of this reason, it is widely used by many people who need software that can handle high workloads.

If you’re looking to try this software, then you will be pleased to note that you can easily download a free trial which gives you great functionality, and a very good overview of what the program is capable of doing. Once you’ve decided that this is the program for you, then you can purchase a full license for a very reasonable cost, and this means you will be to unlock the full features provided by what many consider to be the best image converter in the entire industry.

Ultimately, regardless of your image editing needs, you can rest assured that ImageConverter Plus will do everything you need and a whole lot more.